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Public Surgery Waiting List Survey

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Please answer all eight questions below ("N/A" means "No answer")

1. Do you have private health insurance?

2. How many dependents do you have (including your partner/spouse)?

3. How good is your understanding of your District Health Board surgical booking system?

4. What is your household income (pre-tax)?

5. How old are you?

6. Please rank your top three concerns about public hospital surgery (1st, 2nd, 3rd), or select "Not Concerned" if you have little or no concern about public surgical services:

Having to wait too long to be assessed and prioritised by a specialist;
Being rejected for surgery, even though I am suffering;
Being accepted for surgery, but then having to wait (at all);
Being accepted for surgery, but then having to wait (a long time);
Getting poor quality care;

Not concerned -- I am not very concerned about public hospital surgical services;

7. Suppose that, given the public health system 'as-is,' someone could guarantee you that if a specialist assesses you as needing elective surgery, you will get that surgery within six months (and usually much sooner).

Please select what you think would be a fair 'price' for you to pay to get this guarantee for one year (for one person):

8. Why did you choose that value?

Please click the button below to submit your form with total anonymity. Thank you for participating in my study!